The Aftercare Resource Centre

What is the Aftercare Resource Centre?

The ARC (Aftercare Resource Centre) is a service to support people aged between 15-25 years who have been in Out-of-Home Care in NSW.

Sometimes when young people leave care they don’t get a chance to talk about what they want in the future and how these ideas can become reality. We will provide you with support, information and resources that will assist in achieving your goals.  This may mean support for housing, education, budgeting, parenting, or referral to other appropriate agencies as required.

We can also help you access your ward file and support you while you read it.

Who will I see?

We have an experienced team of  caseworkers who will arrange a time to meet and talk through your current situation and identify any issues.

What does it cost?

There is no fee for our service.  We are funded in partnership with Community Services (NSW govt.). Waiting times for an appointment vary according to the current level of demand and your availability.

Are there related services?

For other information about aftercare services, you could visit some of the websites listed under Related Websites on the right of this page.

How do I refer a client?

Please complete the form and return it to The ARC.  Download the form here.

How do I make contact?

Call us on freecall 1800 656 884 or email us. 

We have offices in Western Sydney, Central Coast, or Northern Beaches.