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This research aims to explore the after care needs of people who lived in care during the last century in Australia (estimated at 500,000 Forgotten Australians). Individuals who have lived in child welfare institutions and other forms of substitute care are known to have experienced significant disadvantage as a result of widespread practices within care systems that were psychologically, sexually and physically abusive or that constituted neglect.

The Australian Institute for Relationship Studies (AIRS) is the education, training and research division of Relationships Australia NSW. More
The Story of Neo is a ground-breaking animation about the impact that entrenched conflict between parents can have on a child. It also highlights how children can thrive when they see their parents caring for and looking after each other.  View the animation More
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Relationships Australia NSW and Australian Catholic University are working together on a research project about pre-marriage programs. We’re looking at attitudes and values of couples entering marriage and pre-marriage education - you’re invited to join the survey. More
Chronic pain is recognised as pain that lasts for at least three months. Relationships Australia and the Australian Catholic University are working together to look at how chronic pain affects relationships and what can be done in terms of support. We’d love to hear from you! More
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Relationships Australia NSW is supporting the Stronger Relationships trial, a $20 million investment to enrich relationships, funded by the Federal Government.

As part of the trial, couples can access a $200 voucher for counselling, relationship education and support from a range of organisations, including Relationships Australia NSW. Find out what you can access. Vouchers are available for any couple in a committed relationship – including same sex, married and de facto couples.


Relationships Australia NSW

Relationships Australia NSW provides relationship support services for individuals, couples, families and communities.

We are a not-for-profit Australian organisation with no religious affiliations.  Our goal is to promote relationships that are safe, healthy and resilient.

Relationships Australia services are available to  all people regardless of  religious beliefs, cultural background, family structure, economic situation, gender  or sexual orientation.